Dog Treatments

Some of the signs that a dog might display when needing a treatment are shown on the picture above. This list is not exhaustive and is different for every animal, if you would like to discuss your dog with me please do not hesitate to give me a call.

There are many causes of back pain and musculoskeletal problems in the dog, some of the most common are things that, as dog owners we often take for granted such as constantly pulling on the lead or rough play with toys or other dogs.

Other causes that are less obvious include being as consequence of trauma, for example injuries from accidents or falls, compensations from other injuries, lameness or illness such as arthritis and joint problems, sport injuries or ‘intensive’ training sessions and pregnancy.

Aftercare usually involves rest and/or limited exercise for a few days. The animal may require several treatments, depending on the nature of its injury, and it is recommended that animals receive regular check-ups to help maintain optimum performance and health as a preventative measure.

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