Musculoskeletal disorders can affect muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Equissage is a proven therapeutic tool which will help to reduce swelling, improve local blood circulation and can help horses with muscle problems, pulled ligaments and tendons.

Although this is no substitute for a manual treatment, Equissage can be used to prolong the effects of a massage and McTimoney treatment. This is why it is present in the yards of so many racehorse trainers, event, dressage and show-jumping riders. The deep circulatory massage  from the roller shaped machine reaches all parts of the leg increasing local blood and lymphatic circulation, thus reducing inflammation, easing tired and stretched muscles and aiding mobility of affected joints. The same massaging effect actually tones (and strengthens) fibres.

Following a McTimoney Treatment or massage my Equissage is available for hire at very reasonable rates.

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