What is McTimoney?

McTimoney treatments treat the animal’s whole body. They are non-invasive, holistic treatments that are relatively gentle and work to help the animal’s own body to realign itself into its optimal position. This in turn helps to balance the animal’s musculoskeletal system, restoring health, movement, soundness and performance which can be of benefit to all animals from high level competition horses to pets and companion animals.

As a McTimoney practitioner I locate and correct subtle misalignments of the joints with the purpose of restoring correct nerve function and promoting the body’s own self healing ability. Nerves control all aspects of the body and therefore by optimising their function this can have a positive influence on all of the body systems. These have a significant impact on the body including any actions under hormonal control and disease prevention and cure.

Misalignments can be due to accident and injury or compensation from other injuries, for example if you stub your toe within a few days of awkward walking you might start to feel some ‘twinges’ in your opposite knee or lower back, therefore just because your dog has hurt his paw it doesn’t mean that any subsequent tension or lameness would be restricted to that area. Take a look at you’re horse or dog, consider the ‘jobs’ that you ask your horse to do including where your saddle sits and the head position as you ride, where does your collar or harness sit? Consider which joint would be influenced by these tasks and how a restriction to this joint might affect how your horse or dog copes with the task.

Aftercare usually involves rest and/or limited exercise for a few days. The animal may require several treatments, depending on the nature of its injury, and it is recommended that animals receive regular check-ups to help maintain optimum performance and health as a preventative measure.

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